What are other senior care options?

Senior Care Alternatives

There are numerous types of elder care Los Angeles and in home care options, and we are happy to help you navigate them to decide which is the best and most affordable solution for you or your elderly loved ones.

A. Stay At Home Options

When your senior loved one want to preserve their independence and live at home, there are four primary care options available to them:

  • 1.      Family and Friends Assistance  

 Many seniors receive assistance from friends, family, neighbors and church members.  These volunteers often visit seniors in their homes, drive them to doctor’s appointments, shop for groceries and/or provide companionship when possible.

  • 2.     Adult Day Care

These senior care centers are designed to provide companionship and care for seniors in a group setting when they need assistance or supervision during the day.  These programs offer relief to family members or caregivers during normal business hours.

  • 3.     Privately Hired Caregiver

Hiring a home care aide through the classifieds or word of mouth is usually the least expensive option. But you should know that it might create unexpected liabilities for your family, which legally becomes the employer.  For example, you’d be held liable for any costs related to an injury that happens on the job, including medical expenses and disability payments.

  • 4.     Professional Caregivers

Hiring reliable, professional caregivers is the ideal home care solution for many families today.  Professional Caregivers, also known as Home-Care Aides or Certified Nursing Assistants are trained, insured, bonded, licensed and covered by a private home care agency that takes care of all employee taxes, insurance, liability, worker’s compensation, background checks, sick calls, days off, etc.  This is the type of care that Heal at Home Care Los Angeles in home care provides.  Home-care aides do NOT provide medical care. (Home health-care aides can do that, but they cost more.)

B. Residential Options

  • 1.     Independent Senior Living

Also known as retirement communities, these are generally for independent seniors who are in good health and do not need professional assistance or supervision of their activities of daily living (ADL’s).  Seniors are free to enter and leave the community as often they wish, however, many choose to take advantage of the amenities, activities and sense of community offered by their like-minded neighbors.

  • 2.     Assisted Living

These communities provide activities and meals like independent senior living, but are designed to help residents remain as independent as long as possible and in control of decisions about how they spend their day.  Fees vary by the type and number of services such as activities of daily living (dressing and bathing) and medication management.  Because of the care they provide, Assisted Living is typically much more expensive than independent senior living.

  • 3.     Residential Care Homes

Also known as Adult Family homes or Personal Care Homes are middle ground between professional caregivers and assisted living communities.  They are private residential homes that generally accommodate up to six residents who reside in private or shared rooms.  Staff provides basic care assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, laundry, and meals are typically family-style.  Residential Care Homes are typically more expensive that assisted living communities.

  • 4.     Nursing Homes

Also known as Skilled Nursing Facilities, these homes are for seniors who require significant skilled care because of an illness, chronic condition, or recent hospitalization.  Nursing homes provide a high level of care including nursing, rehabilitation, and speech therapy.  After a period of time the patient discharges home, to another community setting or transfers to the facility’s long-term care unit.  Long-term care is medical and non-medical care for those who are unable to care for themselves usually due to chronic illness or disability.

If you have any questions regarding any of these options, we are always happy to be your Senior Care Resource!  Other helpful resources… (link to resources page)

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