UCLA Longevity Center’s 2012 Conference

Heal at Home has been invited to participate in the UCLA Longevity Center’s 2012 Conference!
“Healthy Aging – Taking Control of Your Life.”
Healthy Aging Conference
October 27th, 2012

The UCLA Longevity Center is pleased to announce the 2012 Conference “Healthy Aging – Taking Control of Yor Life,” which will take place on Saturday, October 27th at the Olympic Collection Conference Center in West Los Angeles.

Open to the public, this event will bring together academic and industry leaders in an informative exposition of speakers and panel presentations to teach older adults how to be wise, be practical and to lead healthy, longer lives.

Sessions Include:

  • The Centenarians: A discussion about life past the century mark
  • Advance Directives and Other Choices
  • Keep Moving: Fitness and Athletic Choices
  • TrainYour Brain: Boot Camp for Your Mind
  • The Bucket List: Setting goals and focusing on how to accomplish them
  • Medicare, Social Security and Health Care Reform
  • Sex After 70: Just when you thought you had this mastered, there’s more to learn
  • Alzheimer’s Research Update
  • Nutritious Eating for Healthy Aging

For Information, go to www.healthyaging2012.com
or call 310-794-0676Sponsored by the UCLA Longevity Center Through its many programs, the LA Longevity Center promotes healthy aging lifestyles and strives to