The Top 3 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick this Winter…

1. Wash your hands often

Need I say more?  Ok, so just wash your hands with warm soap and water long enough to sing the entire tune of “Happy Birthday to You”

And it certainly doesn’t hurt to use a paper towel or tissue to turn off the faucet and when touching the bathroom door knob upon your exit.


2. Cover Your Cough

Remember that many viruses and germs are spread through airborne transmission.

So anytime you need to sneeze or cough and don’t have a tissue handy, simply tuck your face into your shirt or sleeve.

And try not to touch your face or mouth during or afterwards.  But if you must, be sure to wash your hands immediately and avoid touching other people or things (harder than it sounds, I know).


3.  Get your Annual Flu shot

 I cannot stress the importance of your annual flu shot!

There is so much misinformation and myths around vaccines, but they are scientifically proven to save lives.

And, no, you do not get the flu from the flu shot.

It is literally impossible to “get the flu” from a flu shot.

Here’s why:  The flu shot is composed of a dead virus.

And how vaccines work is like this:  You expose your body to a dead or attenuated/weakened version of a virus in order for your immune system to activate a series of events that in turn leads to your body’s resistance to that virus.

So the next time your body is again exposed to that live virus your immune system has already built up antigens that recognize this particular foreign body and destroy it.

That’s pretty great news and one of the reasons human beings are living so much longer (that and clean water, antibiotics, etc…).

The fact that we have vaccines for diseases and viruses that had not so long ago been all but a death sentence.

A little prick from a needle in your arm is far better than a preventable, but debilitating and/or deadly illness.

And if you say, “Oh but I never get the flu!”  Wow, never, not even once?  Lucky you!   Well I ask, “Do you ever spend time around infants, children, grandparents, people with respiratory issues like asthma, or anyone who has a chronic illness of some sort?”  Because the flu may not knock you out for a week or two, but can actually harm and kill your loved ones that fall in any of the above categories and more.

So please, stop arguing this nonsense, and just roll up your sleeve and get your shot.

Thanks from your Neighborly Nurse,


Here is a helpful link with 9 simple steps to avoid getting sick and/or how to cope when you do get sick…