Senior Housing Referral Services

We help seniors and their families find the right housing, caregiving, moving, estate planning, medical, real estate, financial, legal services and much more to meet their unique needs.

Heal at Home provides an in-home assessment with a Registered Nurse.  Or we offer a convenient telephone consultation with seniors and their families who live out of town.

Our team will gather information to learn your lifestyle preferences, medical conditions, care needs, and financial resources to ensure the right plan of care for your health, safety, comfort and satisfaction.

After gathering information, our Registered Nurse and team offer valuable insight, resources, and referrals for senior solutions and their families.

Our database includes a wide range of trusted senior placement specialists with connections to communities throughout Southern California. Once they help you identify a short list of options, your placement specialist will schedule customized tours with your choice of Assisted Living, Independent Living, Board and Care Homes, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care communities.  They will also accompany you on your tours, act as your personal representative, and introduce you to key members of the staff and community.

When you have found your new home of comfort, security and independence, Heal at Home will guide you through that transition.

We gladly share our vetted resources to aid you in any other planning, organizing, moving, real estate, legal, financial, community and caregiving needs.

Our goal is to help you find the best solution for your situation and also provide a gentle transition from your previous home into your new home. We strive to create the most pleasant and comfortable experience as possible.

Having been through the same process with many families, including our own, we understand how overwhelming the process can be… and that’s why we are here to guide you.

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