Hospital to Home Premiere Services

  • Our main goal is to seamlessly navigate the discharge process in order for patients to safely transition from the hospital to home.
  • With coordinated care, planning and support, we often prevent avoidable readmissions so that patients remain safe, happy and able to heal at home.
  • We also take the burden off of hospitals and Discharge Managers who need empty beds for incoming patients.

Getting Started:

  • Once Heal at Home receives an inquiry and gathers information, we send a Registered Nurse to meet with the patient and/or family prior to discharge.
  • The RN then performs a complimentary consultation, and recommends a plan of care based on the diagnosis and needs of the client.

Hospital to Home:

  • Prior to discharge Heal at Home will have several caregivers for you to select from.
  • Once you have selected your caregiver, he/ she will be able to drive you from the hospital to your home.
  • The caregiver will pick up your medications and groceries as well as drive you to and from Doctor’s appointments, PT, OT, etc.

Registered Nurse Visits:

  • Once the client returns from the hospital to home, a Registered Nurse from Heal at Home will visit on a weekly basis for the first month after discharge.
  • During these weekly visits, the RN will thoroughly assess the health and wellness of the client in order to ensure that they remain safe and healthy during the critical transition from hospital to home.
  • Any red flags or a change in health status is reported to client’s family and/or physician.

Easy Follow-up:

  • Heal at Home offers the Family Cares Portal!
  • Complimentary and confidential website provided for clients of Heal at Home as well as their approved family members, social workers, case managers, insurance companies, and other healthcare professionals involved in the client’s care – such as doctors and nurses.
  • Secure, online access 24 hours a day to the client’s plan of care, shift schedules, timecards, and shift tasks updated in real time.
  • Family message center allows for immediate communication between the family, the client’s caregiver, and external care providers.
  • Download care plans and shift history for care providers or long-term care insurance needs.

Complimentary Care Plan Book:

  • Composed by a Registered Nurse of Heal at Home.
  • An excellent resource for the client in emergencies and non-emergencies.
  • Includes: Entire medical and surgical history, emergency procedures, emergency contacts, doctors, current medication lists, food preferences, daily activities to perform, etc.