Hospital to Home Basic Services

  • Our main goal is to seamlessly navigate the discharge process in order for patients to safely transition from the hospital to home.
  • With coordinated care, planning and support, we often prevent avoidable readmissions so that patients remain safe, happy and able to heal at home.
  • We also take the burden off of hospitals and Discharge Managers who need empty beds for incoming patients.

Getting Started:

  • Once Heal at Home receives an inquiry and gathers information, we send a Registered Nurse to meet with the patient and/or family prior to discharge.
  • The RN performs a complimentary consultation, and recommends a plan of care based on the diagnosis and needs of the client.

Hospital to Home:

  • Just prior to discharge, our caregiver will ensure that the patient’s prescriptions are called in to the pharmacy and ready for pick up.
  • Upon discharge, the caregiver will personally drive the patient from the hospital to his/her home (as well as the pharmacy if needed).
  • Once home, the caregiver will ensure that the home is safe and that there is adequate food and beverages to support the patient’s nutritional needs.
  • If caregiving services are needed at home, Heal at Home will offer a discounted rate for the first 18 hours after discharge.